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Explorers' Seasonal Value Pack: Springing Forward- Sunlight Saving's Time in a Bottle
Explorers' Seasonal Value Pack: Springing Forward- Sunlight Saving's Time in a Bottle


Explorers' Seasonal Value Pack: Springing Forward- Sunlight Saving's Time in a Bottle

Great Wines Don't Have to be Expensive!

The Spring Seasonal Value Pack 

Spring is an exiting time of year. In nature, dormant buds unfurl into leaves and flowers start peeking from the woodlands and exploding in gardens. Animals start multiplying with offspring; it’s always fun to see baby bunnies or Bambi, until they start nibbling your plants and flowers. With the abundance of daylight and the warm afternoons, I find myself seeking out wines in the medium-bodied spectrum; brighter wines to accompany springtime meals, and the occasional full-bodied red for when grilling commences in earnest. The Spring Pack is a delightful mix of spring-fare appropriate bottles, wines with energy, assertive flavors, that pack just the right amount of concentration and palate weight.

In this pack is a Chenin Blanc from Saumur in the Loire Valley; an unusual white blend from Tuscany; a rosé of Pinot Noir from Oregon; a Montepulciano d'Abruzzo from south central Italy; a Carmènére from Chile, a grape that many growers there confused with Merlot; and a Bobal, an interesting and uncommon grape from Valencia, Spain.

 While some folks have had these grapes, or wines from these places before, others have not, or maybe these particular bottles are new to you. This is the point of the Explorers' Packs: to try something you haven't had before - whether it is something you've never heard of, or from a familiar style or place, but this particular wine is new to you. 

This Explorers' Pack is discounted at over 15% off regular prices. No further discounts apply.

Les Plantagenêts 2020 Saumur Blanc

100% Chenin Blanc. Apples, tangerine, tropical notes, honeysuckle flowers, and wool. This is a dry Chenin with soaring, crisp, acidity and a simple purity. Medium-bodied with a long, tart finish. Many Chenin Blancs are made for bulk production and blending, especially in the US, and are often limp and lack character; this bottle is enlivening and will have you salivating.


Corzano e Paterno 2020 Toscana Bianco Il Corzanello

A blend of Chardonnay, Trebbiano, Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Manseng, and Semillon. Citrus, lemon curd, pineapple, sage brush, and slightly mineral. Medium plus bodied, with an elegant freshness. The wine is made from grapes grown in the cooler areas of the property and are aged on the lees for a few months. No oak, and no malolactic fermentation keeps the wine crisp and fruit focused. Organic.


Holloran 2021 Pinot Noir Rosé Willamette Valley

100% Pinot Noir. Rainier cherries, raspberries, a whiff of peach and banana, lightly floral. Medium-bodied with a crisp finish that retains delicious fruit flavors. Stainless steel fermented and aged, this was a warm vintage and the fruit was picked a bit early to retain a fresh acidity. Perfect for patio dining or paired with a soft flavorful cheese. Organic.

Pietrantoni 2018 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Laurent 2021 Carménère Inocente

100% Carménère. Black currants, cherries, blueberries, tobacco, roasted peppers. Medium-bodied, ripe tannins, and a great mouth-feel. Long finish. One of the issues with this grape in Chilean wines is that it can be over the top in “personality”  - almost a caricature of a wine. The Laurent family seems to have captured the right balance of varietal correctness and restraint, an incredible example of an underused grape. Organic.

Sierra Norte 2019 Utiel-Requena Pasión de Bobal

100% Bobal. Dark cherries and plums, blackberries, dried fruit, vanilla and spicy oak tones. Medium-plus- to full-bodied with a deep concentration of flavors and a moderately long finish that shows gentle tannins. This wine is produced from 60 year old vines and is aged in new French oak for about six months before it is fined, filtered, and bottled. Organic. Vegan.

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