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Explorers' Seasonal Value Pack: Summer Love - Wines for Sunny Days (And Oh, Those Summer Nights)


Explorers' Seasonal Value Pack: Summer Love - Wines for Sunny Days (And Oh, Those Summer Nights)

Great Wines Don't Have to be Expensive!

This is the Summer seasonal value pack from us here at Fiske & Main! Summer is a well-known time to relax, meet new friends, start new romances, have a fling! It's summer! Anything goes!

This sampler is an “anything goes" but on the lighter side. All the whites are crisp and most are light; while the Rosé has lovely fruit, is zippy, and easy to drink; and the lone red has a medium-plus body with dark fruits and no oak. Included in this group of summer-themed bottles is a dry (not sweet) Riesling from the Finger Lakes; a Muscadet that will effortlessly sidle up to any fish dish; a Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa with a bit of body and lots of flavor; a Roditis from Greece that shows its mineral side; a Rosé from the Loire made from Pineau d’Aunis that will be hard to put down; and finally a dark and juicy Barbera from Piedmont for when the grill gets fired up for meats and poultry. All in all a little bit of everything from around the globe.

 While many of us have had these grapes, or wines from these places, these bottles may be new to you. And this is the point of the Exploration Packs, to try something you haven't had before, even when it is from a familiar style, or comforting place. 

All Exploration packs are discounted at least 10% off regular prices. No further discounts apply.

Lamoreaux Landing 2018 Riesling Dry, Finger Lakes

100% Riesling. Lime, green apple, green grapes, and lemon meringue cookies. This is a beautiful bottle of Riesling - tart, bracing, dry, yet yielding and soft in its demeanor. Very much like its dry German sisters, yet undeniably a New World wine with its moderate depth. A fantastic sipper that will please nearly everyone.

Landron 2019 Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie La Louvetrie

100% Melon de Bourgogne. Lemons, lees, and an underlying current of subtle salinity. This is a light-bodied gem, a pearl in an oyster, and oysters would be a perfect match for this crisp, easy-going white. Although, nearly all seafood would be an excellent pairing, or you could just pop it and sip during any occasion. Organic.

Cluver 2018 Sauvignon Blanc, Elgin South Africa

100% Sauvignon Blanc. Grapefruit, citrus, lemon peel, grass, and herbs. Zippy, but with a round mid-palate, and a long finish that brings out tropical fruit notes. A lovely effort from South Africa that compares favorably to Sauvignon Blanc around the globe.

Tetramythos 2019 Patras Roditis

100% Roditis. Lemon, pear, golden delicious apple, thyme, sugar cookie, and mineral. This dry, light bodied Greek wine is very aromatic and is surprising complex for the price. Moderate acidity, the wine still gives a freshness to the mouthfeel and finish, which has very slight tannins.

Cave du Vendômois 2020 Coteaux du Vendômois Le Cocagne Rosé

100% Pineau d’Aunis. Red currant, raspberry, red delicious apple, and hints of savory herbs. Light and bright with crunchy red fruits. This straight forward, but absolutely delicious rosé is versatile and a crowd pleasing wine made from a relatively obscure grape. 

Scagliola 2018 Barbera 'Mati'

100% Barbera. Black cherries, fresh-picked and the jammy kind. This is packed with dark ripe fruit and isn't shy. Complex and aromatic, with spice and scorched earth. Medium-bodied+ with lively acidity and mild tannin. Great with pizza or pasta any night of the week.

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