Explorers' Seasonal Value Pack: Winter Warmers - Hibernation Libations


Explorers' Seasonal Value Pack: Winter Warmers - Hibernation Libations

Great Wines Don't Have to be Expensive!

This sampler is focused on fuller and rounder wines, wines that are generally lower in acidity but not flat or boring. These bottles are certainly not only for winter, but they do lend themselves nicely to stews, braises - hearty and earthy fare. And, for the all-season grillers, a few of these will feel right at home with fire cooked morsels any time of year!

The two white wines are from Europe and made from lesser known grapes; the Portuguese is a blend of Bicol and Arinto, while the other, from just above the Pyrenees is a blend of Grenache Blanc and Macabeu from France.

There are two reds from Europe and two from South America. From Europe, the Agiorgitiko from Greece is an indigenous grape and this wine is made organically and naturally; the Italian red is Tuscan, organic and natural as well, and is a classic example of beautiful Sangiovese. From South America there is an Argentine Malbec from Mendoza that has been a store favorite through three vintages, while the final wine is from Uruguay made with the rarely seen Tannat grape. Tannat, originally from France, most notably Madiran in the southwest, is a dark and tannic long lived wine, and possibly bestows long life to those who drink it.

This is our third Winter pack and even though it’s skewed toward the red selections, the wines show a wide range of styles and weights to offer diversity for various tastes.

While some folks have had these grapes or wines from these places before, others have not, or maybe these particular bottles are new to you. This is the point of the Explorers' Packs: to try something you haven't had before - whether it is a wine you are completely unfamiliar with or whether the wine is a from a familiar grape or place but perhaps from an unfamiliar wine-maker; these packs aim to offer something different.

This Explorers' Pack is discounted at over 15% off regular prices. No further discounts apply.


Pato, Filipa 2021 Bairrada Branco Bical & Arinto 'Dinamica-DNMC'

80% Bical and 20% Arinto. Pear, citrus, thyme and a mineral note. Medium- to light-bodied with a dry and zippy finish, this wine has surprising concentration with a beautiful finish. Almost creamy in texture, this complex and unusual white is a pure charmer.

Le Roc des Anges 2021 IGP Cotes Catalanes L’effet Papillon Blanc

60% Grenache Blanc and 40% Macabeu. Pear, melon, peach, and light citrus notes. This dry white is all about the fruit flavors, which show more prominently than the 2020 vintage, and texture. The acidity is moderate, everything is in balance, and the tactile aspect leaves an impression on the palate. Medium-long finish on this superb southern French white. Organic.

Tetramythos 2021 Peloponnese Agiorgitiko “Natur”

100% Agiorgitiko. Raspberry, cherry, pomegranate, violets and light notes of sourdough. Nicely fruity and dry with a tangy start but an easy finish. Medium-bodied red - pair this with moussaka, portobello with sheep’s milk cheese, or a juicy burger. Organic.

Buondonno 2020 Toscana Rosso

Reunion 2021 Malbec Mendoza

100% Malbec. Plums and cherries with a hint of cocoa. Medium plus weight Malbec from Argentina. Mild tannins with a smooth finish. Five months in French and American oak gives this a touch of spice and vanilla, but isn’t overwrought. Year after year this represents a great value.

Cerro Chapeu 2019 Tannat Reserva

100% Tannat. Dark fruits, black cherry, blackberry, plum, vanilla, and toasty oak. Medium-bodied red that starts off with a good burst of fruit and oak, but finishes with fine grained tannins. The Tannat grape which is more “famous” in Madiran in the southwest of France was credited with bestowing longevity to its residents due to the high levels of the polyphenol resveratrol. Pair with a dry-rubbed steak, hearty beef dishes, and leg of lamb.

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