Piedmont Perennial Over-Performer: The Wines of G.D. Vajra 4-Pack Exploration


Piedmont Perennial Over-Performer: The Wines of G.D. Vajra 4-Pack Exploration

G.D Vajra Experience

The first time I tasted a wine from the Italian producer Vajra it was their Langhe Rosso (a blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, and a few others); it was love at first sip. It was aromatically full and beautiful - loads of red fruit, with flowers and spice. The palate was round, full of flavor but had balance and freshness. And, it was well under $20 a bottle. The only problem was its scarcity. At the time it was imported in miniscule quantities and the few places that received an allocation sold out in the blink of an eye. Nowadays, the wine isn't nearly as hard to get, but still, the quantities are finite. That being said, Vajra wines are perennial favorites, with most folks seeking out the new vintages year after year and stocking up on what they can. Most importantly, the wines of Vajra are still gorgeous examples of Piedmontese winemaking and if you haven't yet experienced them I highly recommend trying an Exploration Sampler Pack! 

Family Owned and Operated

In 1968 Aldo Vaira, while still at university, essentially took over the family farm in Vergne, a village in the western part of the Barolo commune. One story is that he was sent there as punishment for having contrary views; instead, he found he loved the farm and working with the grapes. He decided to stay. Ahead of his time in the early 70's, he acquired the first organic certification in the region. He made his first vintage with his wife Milena. Since then, he and Milena increased their holdings in and around Barolo and are joined by their sons and daughter Giuseppe, Francesca, and Isidoro. The two generations work side by side but don't always see eye to eye, yet they come together with a passionate determination to make extraordinairy wines year after year. In these times when the majority of wines are produced by enormous corporations with recipes to please wine critics and focus groups, I am drawn to the wineries run by small families who respect the land, tradition, and make glorious wines that tell the story of the vintage.

Vajra, G.D. 2018 Langhe Rosso

Primarily Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto. Red and Black cherry fruit aromas. This red blend from Piedmont is usually one of the best values in Italy and perhaps the world. This vintage knocks it out of the park. Beautifully ripe but balanced. Organic.

Vajra, G.D. 2019 Dolcetto d'Alba

100% Dolcetto. Mulberry, dark cherry, plum, spice, thyme, and white pepper are the aromatic notes for this food friendly wine. There is something so simple and basic and good about Dolcetto made by a great grower that elevates the simple, to the immensely enjoyable category. The wine is only aged in stainless steel to lock in the fresh fruit flavors and aromas. Organic.

Vajra, G.D. 2018 Langhe Nebbiolo

100% Nebbiolo. Cherries and plums, red berries and baked plum, along with rose petals, spice, orange peel, and a subtle minty-ness. 2018 was a long steady growing season that produce remarkable fruit. The wine was aged in stainless steel, but small batches saw some neutral oak. A fresh and vibrant wine that is ready to drink, but will certainly evolve over the next 2-5 years. Organic.

Vajra, G.D. 2019 Langhe Nebbiolo Claré JC

100% Nebbiolo. Raspberries, cherries, pomegranate, orange blossom and spices. This slightly unusual wine is the brainchild of Guiseppe Vaira; with research and a bit of fancy he has tried to make a wine in the style of his ancestors of the 1800's. A lighter more easy drinking red that sits somewhere between a rosé and a full red wine, a bit like Beaujolais. The palate is light and fresh, with gentle tannins and lively acidity. The wine finishes just off-dry and don't be afraid to give this a chill before serving on a warm day. Exceptionally delicious! Organic.

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