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Gino Pedrotti 2003 Vino Santo Trentino

Gino Pedrotti 2003 Vino Santo Trentino

100% Nosiola. Dried apricots, almonds, marzipan, toasted hazelnuts, herbs, and spices, notably coriander and saffron. This exotic, botrytis affected white wine starts off with carefully selected bunches of grapes with skins intact. They are brought to the drying room and kept on thin mesh shelves until Holy Week, sometime in April. The grapes lose over a third of their water during this time and are then pressed and fermented. The fermentation process ends naturally but early, as the sugar content overwhelms the yeasts. The wine is then aged for a minimum of four years before bottled, but in this case closer to seven and sometimes ten depending on the vintage. This Vino Santo (Holy Wine) is rich and complex and will continue to age very well. Organic.

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