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Cheese and Charcuterie, Etc. Menu


We offer Cheese, Cured Meats, Iggy's Bread (Fridays and Saturdays), Crackers, and Accoutrements. We have a small, but, delectable selection of nourishing nibbles to go with our amazing wine and beer! All of our cheese is cut to order, with few exceptions. Large orders can take up to 20 minutes to prepare, in those instances it can be better if you order in advance.

We are open for in-store shopping. Fiske & Main is a small store, and masks are still required. We also have a 4 customer max occupancy. For those not wishing to do in-store shopping, ordering cheese, etc. from us is as easy as picking up the phone or sending an email. Please note, phone orders can be ready same day, but email orders need to be sent 24 hours in advance. Simply put, we may not see your email in time to prepare your order.

If you'd like advice or help putting together a selection please call us at (508)-603-1555 and we will be happy to discuss the different options. If our selections seem like old friends and you know what you want, email us with a list of what you'd like. For cheese, please order in quarter pound increments (1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 3/4 pound, etc.). We hand cut each piece of cheese, and this is an art, not a science. So the actual weight of each piece will be slightly more or less. Please include your preferred day and time for pick-up. When we have the entire order prepared we will send you a notification and the actual total.


Cow’s Milk

Bayley Hazen Blue (Jasper Hill) 

A Stilton-style blue from Vermont’s Jasper Hill Farm. Gentle pungency, toasted nutty sweetness, a hint of anise spice. Dense and creamy in the mouth, a fudge-like texture. 

Crumble over burgers, add to a hearty winter salad, kick up a grilled cheese or mac & cheese. Perfect on a cheese plate with dried fruits and candied pecans.  

Non-GMO Project verified. Raw milk from Ayrshire cows. (United States)

$14 per half-pound
Beemster Classic 18 Month Gouda

Rich and robust aromas. Nutty, buttery-caramel flavors and a savory brothiness. Salty, sharp and sweet on the tounge. Very firm, with those yummy crystals. 

Serve with fig jam on a cheese board. Grate it into a grilled geese or over a root vegetable gratin. Very versatile. 

Pasteurized cow’s milk. (Netherlands)

$11 per half -pound
Brillat-Savarin Mini

This decadent triple-cream was created as a dessert cheese. Milky aroma with lemon undertones. Buttery and nutty, with slightly soured flavors to complement the richness. The texture is dense, moist, and slightly chalky; this bloomy rind beauty is lusciously creamy. 

Pasteurized cow's milk. (France)

$7.95 each
Burrata, Maplebrook Farm (2 Piece) (out of stock)

Puglian-style, these curds are stretched into a mozzarella and filled with a luscious creamy center (the stracciatella.)

Serve this in a deep plate, sprinkled and drizzled with your favorite herbs, EVOO, coarse salt, and chopped tomatoes. Switch it up by topping with ripe summer peaches and mint. Cut in half to let the creamy center ooze out, and let the feast begin!

Cow's milk. Vegetable rennet. (United States) 

$10.95 each
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar

Deeply savory with a slight tang, caramel sweetness, and nutty aroma. Hard with a crumbly and crystalline texture.

Wonderful with charcuterie, apple butter, or one of our rich honeys (like avocado flower or blueberry flower). 

Pair with hard ciders, hoppy ales, or full-bodied reds.

Pasteurized cow’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (United States)

$15 per half-pound

Camembert di Bufala

A twist on a French classic, buffalo milk gives this unusual Italian Camembert an incredible creaminess, with sweet and pleasant aromas, and clean, grassy flavors.  A fluffy, delicate bloomy rind lends a slight earthiness to this oozy, good, delicious cheese.

Pasteurized buffalo milk. (Italy)

Kerrygold Cashel Blue

Ireland's first blue this farmhouse cheese is creamy, crumbly, with a slight graininess. Young cheese is firmer, robust and pungent with a mild blue tang. Rounder and more mellow with age. 

Pasteurized cow's milk. Vegetarian rennet. (Ireland)


Translating to “sitting in the cellar”, this remarkably complex cheese is washed in wine and spices and aged 10 months, giving it superb depth of flavor. Brown butter and cashew aromas; sautéed leeks, salted caramel, and malt on the palette. Dense and silky-smooth, firm yet creamy. Just delicious.  A firm, alpine washed-rind cheese.

Enjoy as a table cheese; indulgent in mac and cheese or gratins (root veg gratin on my mind now!) A great melter.

A super choice for nibbling with a nutty sherry.

Raw (thermalized) milk from Swiss brown cow. (Switzerland)

$17.50 per half-pound

Champlain Valley Triple Cream

 Brothy with mushroom and cream aromas, a piquant finish. A fudgy-textured cream line and butter-yellow interior.  Chalky when young, becoming softer with age. When ripe, a nearly liquid center.

Classic with Champagne or other sparkling whites; fruit-forward lighter reds; dry ciders.

Organic milk from grass-fed Jersey cows. (United States) 

$7.95 each
Consider Bardwell Pawlet 

An Italian-style Toma from the Vermont town of the same name. Mildly sweet, creamy and nutty on the palette; fresh bread and bright grassy aromas, and just a bit of pungency from the washed rind. Somewhat firm yet very creamy, and a superior melter. 

Try with whole-grain mustard, toast, sweet or savory jams.  A go-to for melting into almost anything. 

Raw milk from Jersey cows. Vegetarian rennet. (United States)

$16 per half-pound
Cossanella Alta Langa

A luscious sweet cream flavor with light earthy and grassy aromas. A very soft cheese, the rind is washed with annatto to give it its beautiful red/orange coloring.

Pasteurized cow’s milk. (Italy)

$10.95 each
Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam (sold out)

A luscious triple-cream using milk from a single source - Straus Family Creamery in Sonoma. Notes of creme fraiche and cultured butter, especially when young. Luscious and creamy, with grassy and white mushroom notes. A dense fudge core in this bloomy rind, soft curd cheese.

Cow's milk. (United States)

$19.50 per half-pound
Delice de Bourgogne 

This super creamy triple-cream is made with cow’s milk and crème fraiche, which creates its rich flavor and melt-in-the-mouth texture. The bloomy rind adds a slight mushrooms aroma. Buttery and smooth. 

Heaven smeared on a crusty baguette. 

Sparkling wines or ciders will complement the richness of this triple-cream.

Made from pasteurized cow’s milk. (France)

Ford Farm Coastal Cheddar

A slightly sweet, rich, and nutty mature cheddar from the Jurrasic coastline on the English Channel. Loaded with lovely calcium lactate crystals.

Very versatile. Wonderful and classic for burgers, mac and cheese, sandwiches, etc. Great for nibbling and cheese boards. Try it with apple butter on a cracker; or with a rustic loaf, a dollop of pickled onions, and some cider or ale for a classic Ploughman’s lunch!

Vegetable rennet. Pasteurized cow’s milk.  (England)

$7.50 per half-pound

Four Fat Fowl St Stephen 

An award-winning lovely triple-cream, buttery and milky, smooth and silky, with a luxuriously rich mouthfeel. A soft bloomy rind adds earthy and nutty undertones.

This cheese can take you from breakfast spread on toast, as part of a pre-dinner cheese board, to a dessert dressed with honey and berries. Perfect with a glass of bubbly!

Pastuerized milk from Jersey cows. (United States)

$16.50 per half-pound

Fromager d’Affinois

A super-creamy French double-cream from the Rhône-Alpes region. Mild with a buttery sweetness. A classic soft, Brie-style bloomy-rind cheese.

A crowd-pleaser on the cheese board. Lovely with Champagne and fresh fruit.

Pasteurized cow’s milk. Vegetarian rennet. (France) 

$9 per half-pound

Firm and nutty, salty and a bit sweet, dense yet creamy, distinctly grassy. A hard, alpine, washed rind cheese. 

Perfect for melting on gratins, traditional for toasted baguette rounds on French Onion Soup. Very snackable and great on a cheese board.

Raw cow’s milk. (Switzerland)

$13 per half-pound
Harbison (Jasper Hill Farm) 

This fantastic cheese from the Cellars at Jasper Hill in Vermont is wrapped in strips of spruce cambium, the tree's inner bark layer, which lends a woodsy note to the mushroom and vegetal flavors.  Rich and unctuous, sweet and buttery.  This is a soft-ripened cheese with a rustic, bloomy rind. 

Gather some friends, slice off the top and spoon out the oozy paste onto a crusty baguette for a decadent treat.

Pasteurized milk from Ayrshire cows. (United States)

$18.95 each
Hay Flower Rebel

This lovely cheese is encrusted with meadow flowers and greens, and is made with “hay-milk”, the milk from cows grazing on mountain herbs and alpine flowers. Floral and woody aromas. It is firm and creamy with grassy with rich meadow-flower aromas and a hint of wild onion. A semi-hard cheese with a natural rind.  

This is lovely to nibble, and a great melter. 

Made from raw cow’s milk. (Austria)

Landaff (discontinued)

(United States)

$11 per half-pound
Montboissié (Morbier Style)

From the Jura mountains of France. A notable feature is the traditional ash layer. The washed rind gives it a pungency, yet it is mild and silky with a slightly nutty finish. Semi-firm, washed rind.

A great melting cheese. In the Franche-Comte villages they melt it over potatoes and serve with bacon for a warm winter breakfast.

Pasturized cow’s milk. (France)

$8 per half-pound
Mozzarella, Fresh Maplebrook Farm (out of stock)

Pillowy soft and moist, fresh and milky. Use on salads, pizza, lasagnas; classic for a Caprese salad (with tomatoes and basil leaves.)

Vegetable rennet.(United States) 

$6.95 each
Von Trapp Oma (Jasper Hill) (sold out)

A long-time favorite. Soft and buttery, almost pudding-like, but not runny. The thin orange rind lends an earthy flavor to the cheese. The pungency is balanced with creamy sweetness. A washed rind tomme style cheese.

Try this if you are a fan on Reblochon or St. Nectaire.

Organic, pasteurized cow's milk. (United States)

$16 per half-pound
Parmigiano Reggiano Riserva

An ancient cheese from the Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy, with historical references back to the 12th century!  Salty with sharp and savory flavors, fruity and nutty notes. A very hard cheese with a grainy texture.

The quintessential grating cheese to be sprinkled over pasta, shaved over salads, stirred into soups or risotto. Save the rinds for the stock pot to add depth and an umami complexity to your broth or soups.

Pasteurized cow’s milk. (Italy)

$12 per half-pound
Lincolnshire Poacher

A gorgeous English Farmhouse style cheese with a bit of a Swiss accent. A bite of the golden pate fills the mouth with lots of savory flavor, buttery and toasted almond notes, a hint of fresh grass. A pineapple-fruitiness near the rind, as is found in exceptional cheddars. Robust, firm and smooth in the mouth, with both cheddar and gruyere characteristics, which will linger on the palate.

This calls for full-bodied red or white wines, or a rich farmhouse beer.

Organic, raw milk from Holstein-Friesian cows. (England)

Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue

Rich and beautifully creamy, semi firm and crumbly. A hint of honey and a moderate “blue” flavor. 

Pasteurized Cow’s milk. Organic. Vegetarian rennet.  (United States)
$15 per half- pound

Slicing into the humble looking rind reveals a pale-yellow interior with specks of black truffle, which imbue their heady fragrance into the soft and creamy paste. A balance of rich intensity and milky mildness make this a delicious treat. This washed-rind cheese from Piedmont looks similar to a Taleggio, with the same characteristic tacky orange/tan rind creamy center.

Delicious with a simple cracker, and decadent melted over polenta or potatoes.

Pasteurized cow's milk. (Italy)

Willoughby (Jasper Hill Farm)

Succulent and buttery with herbal, milky, and peachy aromas. A thin, tender, rosy-orange washed rind adds a slight grittiness to the texture, and an earthiness, along with a plethora of strong savory flavors. This pudgy, soft-ripened cheese has a pudding-like texture, yet is still sliceable, with increased ooziest as it ripens. Comparable to the famous French Reblochon.  

Serve on a board with full flavored accompaniments like olives and other brines or pickled vegetables, and dry cured meats. A rich honey gives a delicious contrast. And if there is any leftover, try melting some over roast potatoes.

Try this with a juicy, light red or rosé or a funky farmhouse ale to bring out the complexity.

Pasteurized cow’s milk. (United States)


Sheep’s Milk

Idiazabal (Smoked) (Out of stock)

From the Basque area of Spain. A traditional farmhouse cheese with buttery, nutty flavors, along with burnt caramel and bacon. Slightly smoky aromas. Supple and pleasantly toothsome inn the mouth, dry but not crumbly; a hard cheese with a natural rind.

Pairs well with simple reds like Tempranillo, dry ciders, or a saison.

Made with raw milk from Latxa and Carranzanna sheep. (Spain)

$10 per half-pound
Manchego 6 Months

Made in La Mancha since Roman times. Firm and dry, yet rich and creamy.

A crown pleaser on a cheese board. Use to make a grilled cheese with prosciutto and a bit of fig jam.

Made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. (Spain)

$9 per half-pound
Manchego 18 Months

The 18 month maturation brings about flavors of hay and toasted brioche, and gentle sheep’s milk notes. Dense and hard with a slightly crunchy texture. 

Friendly, versatile, and easy to pair. Classic on a cheese board with quince paste or honey. Melt over eggs or potatoes, nibble it with cider, or Rioja or Garnacha wines.

Made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. (Spain)

$11 per half -pound
Ossau-Iraty (Out of stock)

Said to be one of the first intentionally-made cheeses in Europe, dating back about 3000 years! Although not well known, this fantastic cheese will earn a place in your regular cheese rotation. Toasted wheat, earthy and grassy aromas. Buttery and fruity flavors, olive-y, nutty, and sweet with a subtle sheepiness. Slightly granular and very rich, a semi-hard cheese with a natural rind. 

Pasteurized milk from Manech and Basco-Béarnaise sheep in the Basque Country. (France)

$12 per half pound
Pecorino Toscano Aged

Firm, rich, and nutty, with a hint of butterscotch. Greater complexity and richer flavor than the younger version. A semi-hard cheese.

Wonderful as a grated cheese on pasta, green beans, salads, sautéed greens. Always great on an antipasto plate with olives and sun-dried tomatoes, or with honey and pears.

Made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. (Italy)

$10 per half-pound

Pecorino Toscano Young (Out of stock)

Mild and fruity, fresh and milky. Semi-soft.

Great texture for melting. Try on pizza with prosciutto, in egg dishes, or on a frittata. A crowd pleaser on a cheese board.

 Made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. (Italy)

$9 per half-pound


One of the best known blues. Aged in the caves overlooking the village of Roquefort. Tangy, sharp, and salty with a notable “blue” taste.  Moist and crumbly, complex and intense.  Historically sought after by kings and popes. A rindless semi-soft cheese. 

Pair with honey and acidic fruit like apples and grapes. Crumble some on top of a steak hot off the grill.  

Lovely with a white dessert wine. 

Pasteurized milk from Lacaune sheep. (France)

$13.50 per half-pound


Goat’s Milk

Bethmale (Sold Out) 

Aromatic and pleasantly pungent with hints of earth and mushrooms. Flavors are mild and rich, buttery, grassy. This washed-rind Alpine-style tomme is supple and yielding.


$15.50 per half-pound
Blue Ledge Farm Lake’s Edge

A beautiful ash-veined cheese with a lovely balance of sweet, salty, and tangy. A variety of textures in the layers, from the oozy cream line to the denser center. It all melts in your happy mouth. A soft-ripened bloomy rind cheese. 

An attractive addition to a cheese board, especially with red grapes. Perfection with a crusty baguette and a light red wine.

 Pastuerized milk from La Mancha and Alpine goats. Animal Welfare Approved Farm (United States)

$17 per half-pound
Finger Lakes Gold

A shop favorite! Bright and nutty, and milky; mellow with an understated goat milk flavor, and a lovely creaminess. Bright and nutty.  A Gouda-style cheese with a firm, slightly crumbly texture, and a natural rind.

A favorite on a cheese board with cured meats, fruits, honeys and jams. Melts well and delicious with eggs.

Goes great with many beer styles; try with a Cab. Franc or Merlot for reds, Chardonnay for white. 

Pasteurized goat’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (United States)

$14.50 per half-pound



$8 per half-pound
Nettle Meadow Chèvre Plain

(United States) V

$7.95 each 5oz

Nettle Meadow Fromage Blanc Lavender Honey (sold out)

(United States) V

$7.95 each 5oz
Valencay Pyramid (sold out)


$14.95 each
VT Creamery Bonne Bouche (sold out)

(United States) V

$10.95 each 4oz


Mixed Milk


This unusual French cheese is made from 1/3 cow's milk and 2/3 sheep's milk. It is dense, smooth, creamy, and springy, populated with small "eyes". The interior is moderately fragrant with fruity, mushroomy, and earthy aromas, yet the sticky washed rind is quite pungent. 

Pasteurized cow's and sheep's milk. (France)

Nettle Meadow Kunik

A gorgeous award-winning triple cream, with a gently tangy and buttery flavor. Soft and dense, it melts in your mouth. A bloomy rind cheese. 

Goat milk and Jersey cow cream. Vegetable rennet (United States) 

$19.50 per half-pound
Nettle Meadow Kunik w/Truffle

The creamery in Upstate got together with The Truffelist in the City to make this award-winning truffle infused beauty. The truffle bits and oil infuse throughout the entire cheese for a decadent treat. This will be the star of the cheese board.

Goat milk and Jersey cow cream. Vegetable rennet (United States) 

$22 per half-pound
VT Creamery Cremont

Good things can come in small packages! This award-winning double cream button is made with goat and cow milk, with creme frâiche added for a delectable treat. Nutty and yeasty aromas with a bit of tang. This bloomy-rind cheese is luxuriously creamy and smooth. 

Try this with roasted nuts or rich honey on a crispy cracker.

Pasteurized cow and goat milk. Vegetarian rennet. (United States) 

$9.95 each


Pate, Cured Meats, Etc.

Alexian Mousse Duck Cognac Pate

(United States)

$7.95 each
Alexian Campagne (sold out)

(United States)

$7.95 each

La Quercia Prosciutto Americano

(United States)

$9.95 each
La Quercia Speck Americano

(United States)

$9.95 each

New England Charcuterie Mole

(United States)

$9.95 each
New England Charcuterie Saucison Sec

(United States)

$9.95 each
New England Charcuterie Soppresatta Hot

(United States)

$9.95 each
Vermont Salumi Fennel

(United States)

$9.95 each
Vermont Salumi Smoked Paprika (Mild Heat)

(United States)

$9.95 each
Isigny French Cultured Butter Salted 


$9.95 each
Losada Spanish Olive Mix


$10 per pound