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Cheese Menu

We generally have a selection of 40 - 50 cheeses to choose from in the shop. Options vary with season and availability. Please stop in or call to see which of the following we have for you today.

Cow’s Milk

Alpha Tolman (Jasper Hill) 

The traditional Alpine method of washing and pressing the curds gives this Vermont cheese a dense and chewy texture. Firm and smooth with a slightly chalky paste. The brine-washed rind adds a funky complexity to the fruity and nutty aroma. Very flavorful - buttery, caramel notes, and nutty with a bit of a tang.

Nice for nibbling, perfect in a fondue or melted over baby potatoes.  Use this in a grilled cheese with onion jam for some big flavor. This would be wonderful with a fruity red or a robust ale.

Raw milk from Ayrshire cows. (VT, United States)

$15 per half-pound
Ascutney Mountain (Cobb Hill) 

This Alpine-style, natural rind award winner was developed from a Swiss Appenzeller recipe.  A hard cheese with tiny eyes throughout the paste. Chewy and dense, with mild and complex flavors: sweet cream and hazelnuts, grass, tropical fruit, developing hints of butterscotch with age.

Some liken this to a three-way cross of Gruyère, Cheddar, and Gouda.

Cobb Hill is an Intentional Community in Vermont devoted to sustainable agriculture.

This would  pair well with a bold red wine or a brown ale.

Raw milk from Jersey cows. Vegetable rennet. (VT, United States)

$15 per half-pound
Bayley Hazen Blue (Jasper Hill)

This blue is complex with the typical blue tang, notes of pepper, tobacco, and roasted nuts. Firm, dense, and slightly crumbly, yet buttery in the mouth. 

A Vermont rendition of a classic English blue, winner of multiple international awards, including one of the world’s best 62 cheeses!

This is beautiful with a fragrant dessert wine and candied pecans; in a spinach salad with bacon, walnuts, and dried cherries; or melted on a burger.

Raw milk from Ayrshire cows. (VT, United States)

$16 per half-pound
Brie de Nangis (St. Remy)

The quintessential soft-ripened bloomy rind cheese from Brie, a region just southwest of Paris. The town of Nangis produces a mild, buttery Brie, deliciously creamy with a chalky texture when young, becoming soft and oozy with age.

Pasteurized cow's milk (France)

$14.50 per half-pound 
Brillat-Savarin (Delin) 

An uber-creamy and delicate triple cream. The bloomy rind lends nuances of hazelnut and mushroom, with lots of fresh cream flavor.

Lovely as a breakfast or dessert cheese, served alongside berries or ripe summer fruit. Sip something bubbly or light and fruity.

Pasteurized cow’s milk. (Normandy, France)

$8.95 each
Burrata (Maplebrook)

(VT, United States)

$12.95 each
Camembert au Calvados (Petit) (Graindorge)

One of the traditional cheeses of Normandy, this one washed with their local apple brandy. A moderately pungent rind, but the paste subtle and smooth, with a silky mouthfeel.

Pair with cider, a saison, or a sparkly white or pink wine, and a crusty baguette.


$12.95 each

5.3 ounce

Camembert di Bufala (La Casera)

Cut into this wheel’s unassuming bloomy rind and white velvet will ooze out. It is milky with a delicate sweetness, rich and mouth-filling.

Accompany with crusty loaf and a bottle of wine, maybe a good friend or two. 

Pasteurized milk from water buffalo (Italy)

$16.95 each
Challerhocker (Käserei Tufertschwil) (say “holler hocker”)

This fabulous cheese is like no other Swiss. The rind is brine-washed many times as it ages for a minimum on 12 months (the name translates to “sitting in the cellar”), developing deep flavor and a luxuriously silky, semi-hard texture. You may detect roasted peanuts, sautéed leeks, butterscotch, sweet cream and caramel. The aroma is complex, sweet and nutty. Should be on your must-try list!

This would pair wonderfully with a nutty Madeira or Sherry. It would be indulgent and wonderful in a gratin, mac and cheese, or fondue.

Thermalized cow’s milk. (Switzerland)

$17.50 per half-pound
Clothbound Cheddar (Jasper Hill) 

Made by Cabot and aged by Jasper Hill, a special cheddar. Hard with a crumbly and flaky texture. Savory and sweet, nutty and tangy. Delicious and complex, should be eaten with due attention!

Apple pie, apple butter, sparkling- or hard cider - all pair beautifully with this cheddar. Super on a cheese board, or as a snack with fruit. Classic for a ploughman’s lunch. Try this with a full-bodied red or your favorite beer.

Made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (VT, United States)

$16 per half-pound
Coastal Cheddar (Ford Farm)

A rugged, mature English Cheddar, aged on the Jurassic Coast for up to 15 months, giving it the characteristic “crunch” of calcium lactate crystals. Firm texture, sometimes crumbly, with a sharp tang and buttery taste.

Very versatile and pairable, but nibbling while sipping a cider is especially nice. Great for melting in anything that calls for cheese. 

Pastuerized cow’s milk (DorsetEngland)

$8 per half-pound
Comté (Marcel Petite)

The French sister of the Swiss Gruyère, this ancient cheese gets it traditional characteristics from cows which graze on grass and hay from the mountain meadows. The washed rind, semi-hard cheese is smooth and supple in the mouth with complex flavors of hazelnut and browned-butter. 

Raw milk of Montbeliarde cows (Jura, France)

$17 per half-pound
Cooleeney Farmhouse Cheese (Cooleeney Farm)

A lovely Camambert-style round, creamy and buttery, grassy notes, with the typical aroma of white mushrooms from the bloomy rind. The center has a hint of chalkiness when young, becoming softer and creamier with age. 

Pasteurized milk from Friesian cows. Vegetable rennet. (Tipperary, Ireland)

$8.95 each (7 oz.)

Cossanella (Alta Langa) 

This striking bloomy rind round, washed with annatto to produce it’s orange hue, has an even more gorgeous interior. Incredibly creamy and decadent: oozing with fresh milky with a touch of lemony brightness, and a hint of button mushroom near the rind.

Pasteurized cow's milk (Piedmont region, Italy)

$14.95 each
Cubotto Mediterraneo (La Casera)

This rosemary encrusted beauty is aromatic with complex and intense flavors. Semi-hard with a somewhat crumbly texture. 

Pasteurized cow's milk (Verbena, Italy)

$14.50 per half-pound
Delice de Bourgogne, Mini (Lincet)

This lovely triple cream has an almost invisible bloomy rind, lending just a bit of mushroominess to the buttery, milky aroma. Decadent richness marries dreamy lightness in this perennial favorite.

Pasteurized cow's milk (Burgundy, France)

$16.95 each (7 oz)
Delice du Pommard (Alain Hess)

This fun and delicious selection is from Beaune, France, where cheese, mustard, and wine abound! This rich and creamy cheese is rolled in crushed brown mustard seeds, adding another dimension of texture and flavor. 

Made from pasteurized cow’s milk. (Beaune, France)

$21 each (7 oz)

Drunk Alice (Von Trapp)

(VT, United States)

$18 per half-pound
Classic Gouda 18m (Beemster)

Robust flavors and hard texture with some crystallization develop over 18 months of aging. Nutty, savory, and sharp on the palate, butterscotch and sweet on the finish.

A wonderful sharp addition to a cheese board; great for adding sharpness to a grilled cheese, mac and cheese, or grated over a gratin. 

 Pasteurized cow’s milk. (The Netherlands)

$11 per half-pound
Foxglove (Tulip Tree)

A double cream delight. Beer washed rind. Earthy and mildly pungent with sweet milky notes.

Pasteurized milk from Jersey and Holstein cows (Ind., United States)

$19.95 each

(8 oz)

Fromager D’Affinois (Guilloteau)

This soft, bloomy-rind, double cream is thick and smooth, sweet and milky. Very mild.

Pasteurized cow’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (Rhone-Alps, France)

$9 per half-pound
Gorgonzola Dolce (Guffanti)

One of our most decadent blue cheeses from Italy. Milky-sweet, incredibly creamy, and a subtle tang. You could eat this with  spoon.

Pasteurized cow's milk. (Lombardy, Italy)

$13 per half-pound
Gruyere Reserve

A Swiss classic. Firm and dense, sweet, nutty, with a little saltiness. Becomes earthy and complex with age, with a little flakiness.

Great for snacking, classic in fondue and quiche or on gratins.

Milk from Fribourgois cows. (Switzerland)

$13 per half-pound
Harbison (Jasper Hill)

This decadent soft-ripened bloomy rind round is wrapped with a strip of spruce cambium (inner bark) which imbues a woodsy fragrance in the paste.  Notes of white mushroom and sweet cream. Sliceable when young, but arguably at its best with maturity: grab a couple hedonistic friends and a baguette, slice the top off, and scoop out the oozy goodness. Sip something fruity and/or effervescent, or a sour beer.

Pasteurized cow's milk (VT, United States)

$19.95 each

(9 oz)

Lincolnshire Poacher (Neal's Yard)

This wonderful cheese from the rolling hills of England’s east coast falls squarely between an English Cheddar and and Alpine Comté. Firm and smooth with a rustic texture. Toasted almonds, tangy pineapple on the palette. Savory and complex. This is a special cheese. 

Raw milk from Holstein Frisian cows. (Lincolnshire, England)

$17.50 per half-pound
Maggie's Round (Cricket Creek) 

From our own beloved Berkshires, this semi-hard toma has flavors reminiscent of Swiss and cheddar, with a firm, smooth, rustic texture. Buttery sweet, nutty, and tangy, with herbal, earthy and fruity aromas, maybe you’ll get a taste of lemon curd or pineapple upside-down cake.

Raw grass fed cow’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (MA, United States)

$16 per half-pound
Milkweed (Tulip Tree)

A beautiful basket weave pattern on this gem from Indiana makes it (almost) as delightful on the outside as it is on the inside!

This mild, semi-firm Alpine-style award winner is creamy in the mouth with a milky sweetness. It has a washed rind which imparts nuttiness and complexity. 

Super in a grilled cheese or fondue, or for nibbling with apples. 

Pasteurized milk from Jersey and Holstein cows (Ind., United States)

$19.50 per half-pound
Mozzarella, Fresh (Maplebrook)

Soft, mild, and milky; just what you want in a fresh mozzarella. A summer classic with garden tomatoes, basil leaves, a drizzle of your best olive oil, and a sprinkle of salt. Ovoline style, 2 per pack.

Cow’s milk. (VT, United States)

$6.45 each (8 oz.)
Oma (Von Trapp/Jasper Hill) 

Soft and pudgy, but not runny. The washed-rind pungency is balanced by sweetness. Flavors of browned butter, cured meats, and roasted nuts. 

We love this paired with prosciutto and dried apricots, and a fruity white.

Made from organic milk from a mostly-Jersey herd. (VT, United States)

$21 per half-pound
Parmigiano Reggiano 

The King of Italian cheeses, a staple of Italian cuisine. Deeply savory and robust. Nutty and brothy with a caramel sweetness.

Underrated on a cheese board - try it with a drizzle of honey and a sliver of Prosciutto.


$12.50 per half-pound
Pawlet (Consider Bardwell)

Made like an Italian-style toma, this has a semi-hard texture reminiscent of cheddar. It is mildly sweet and buttery, creamy and nutty on the palette. Mushroomy with a little barnyard, bright grassy and herbal notes that hint at the Vermont terroir.

Raw milk from Jersey cows. Vegetable rennet. (VT, United States)

$16 per half-pound
Raclette (Paccard)

This semi-soft French classic takes its name from the French word for "to scrape" - racler - as that is how this cheese was originally enjoyed: placed over heated rocks or by the fire and scraped onto boiled potatoes and dry-cured meats. (Feel free to skip the rocks and use a pan or the broiler.) 

While it excels melted, you can enjoy its mildly pungent and subtly creamy flavor as a table cheese as well. Nutty and smooth with a rich mouthfeel.

Raw cow's milk. (Savoie, France)

$10 per half-pound
Screamer (Moser) 

This decadent little gem has a very thin, delicate bloomy rind. The soft triple cream center is balanced by a slight tang. Inviting aromas of mushrooms and créme frâiche. 

Pasteurized cow’s milk. (Switzerland)

$13.95 each
Smokey Blue (Rogue Creamery)

Cold smoking for many hours over hazelnut shells infuses this unusual cheese with a lightly smokey aroma with notes of barrel-aged vanilla, caramel and bacon. This, along with a fresh milkiness, beautifully balances the sharp tang of the blue. 

This is great for something unusual on a cheeseboard. Crumble it on a spinach salad with pears and pecans, or melt it on a burger.

Pasteurized cow’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (OR, United States)

$16 per half-pound
St. André

A dense, buttery triple cream with a slight tang to balance the richness. A decadent semi-soft texture with a thin bloomy rind.

Pasteurized cow’s milk (Normandy, France) 

$13 per half-pound
St. Stephen (Four Fat Fowl)

A beautiful triple cream that bursts with buttery and milky flavors. The soft bloomy rind adds an earthy, nutty tone to the smooth, silky interior.

Whether on toast for breakfast, on a cheese board, or with honey and fruit for dessert, this is always well loved. Something bubbly would make a classic pairing, or try it with a light and fruity red.

Milk and cream from Jersey cows. (NY, United States)

$16.50 per half-pound
Stilton (Colston Bassett)

A classic English blue. Developed in 1720 by Elizabeth Scarbrow and sought-after ever since. Exceptionally buttery in texture with a clean flavor and the expected blue "tang." 

Cow's milk (England)

$19.50 per half-pound
Taleggio (La Casera)

Named after the valley where the cows graze, this ancient Italian cheese (enjoyed by Pliny the Elder!) from the Val Taleggio is sweet and creamy, fruity and meaty, with the classic pungency from the “smear ripened” sea-washed rind. Mild and creamy when young, becoming tangier with maturity. Sticky and semi-soft, a great melter.

We love this melted over polenta and topped with wild mushrooms.

Pasteurized cow's milk (Lombardy region, Italy)

$8 per half-pound
Tartufotto (La Casera)

This is a Taleggio with flecks of black truffle throughout the paste. A sophisticated balance of rich intensity and milky mildness will make this a memorable addition to a cheese board.

Pasteurized cow's milk (Verbania, Italy)

$18 per half-pound
Trillium (Tulip Tree)

A triple cream treasure in a little square package. Luscious, silky, buttery soft in texture; ultra rich and gently sweet.

Pasteurized cow’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (Indiana, United Stated)

$19.95 each

(8 oz)

Willoughby (Jasper Hill)

A thin and tender washed rind is earthy and slightly gritty, and encloses an unctuous interior with pungent and complex flavors. Peaty and savory. Arguably at its best when allowed to mature to gooey perfection.

Pasteurized cow's milk. (VT, United States)

$16.95 each
Willoughby Washed with Maple Liqueur (Jasper Hill)

The wonderful, pudgy Willoughby that we know and love, with the added complexity of a Maple Liqueur washed rind.

Pasteurized cow's milk. (VT, United States)

$16.95 each

(8 oz.)

Willoughby Washed with Wölffer139 (Jasper Hill)

The wonderful, pudgy Willoughby that we know and love, with the added complexity of a Dry Rosé Cider washed rind.

Pasteurized cow's milk. (VT, United States)

$16.95 eash
Young Farmdal Gouda ('T Groendal)

A classic young gouda, aged just 6-8 weeks, this all about the rich and creamy mouthfeel -  yet this well-made Belgian cheese does not lack great flavor. A semi-firm, mild paste with notes of caramel, sweet cream, with a slightly tangy finish.

Very versatile, its great for nibbling, on a cheese board, or melted into your favorite recipes. 

Pasteurized cow’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (West Flanders, Belgium)

$11 per half-pound

 Sheep's Milk

Brebirousse d’Argental

The lovely rind is tinged with annato to give the “red” color suggested by the name. Creamy and spreadable like a Brie, with added richness and flavor given by sheep's milk. Mild and approachable.

Sheep’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (Lyon, France)

$11 per half- pound
Idiazabal, smoked

A lovely hard cheese from Basque Country. Buttery, nutty, with subtle smoky and gamy flavors. Gently smoked, replicating the times when the wheels were aged by the peat fires in the cheesemakers’ mountain huts.  An oily and open texture, like its Spanish cousin, Manchego.

Raw milk from Laxta and Carranza sheep. (Basque region, Spain)

$10 per half-pound
Manchego, 6 month

The Spanish classic, and widely popular. Manchega sheep graze in the rugged terrain which is inhospitable to cows. Firm, milder and creamier than the more aged wheels.  Fruity and nutty with a pleasant grassy aroma.

Great for melting. Traditionally served with Marcona almonds.  

Sheep’s milk. (La Mancha, Spain)

$10 per half-pound
Manchego, 18 month

The Spanish classic, and widely popular. Semi-hard with a crumbly texture and a peppery sharpness. Fruity and nutty, with more robust flavors that the less aged wheels. 

Sheep’s milk. (La Mancha, Spain)

$11 per half-pound
Moliterno al Tartufo (Central Formaggi)

Truffle lovers will be all over this pecorino with its bold, rich flavor and striking veining. Firm and dense.

Nice for nibbling, maybe even nicer for cooking: crumble over steak or eggs, grate over pasta or mushroom risotto.

Pasteurized sheep’s milk. (Sardinia, Italy)

$18 per half-pound
Mastorazio (Casa Madaio)

A masterfully made pecorino from the Salerno coast. Piquant and sharp, full of flavor with a touch of spice and gentle herbal notes.

Raw sheep’s milk. (Campania, Italy)

$13.50 per half- pound
Ossau Iraty (Onetik)

Smooth, dense, firm, and supple. Sweet, nutty, and rich. Winter wheels tend to be pleasantly earthy, while summer wheels are herbal, grassy, and savory. A perennial favorite.

Very pairable, as is or melted into or onto anything.

Sheep’s milk. (French Basque Pyrenées, France)

$12 per half- pound
Roquefort (Coulet)

The beloved, classic French Blue: semi-soft, somewhat crumbly, and creamy; rich, sharp, tangy, salty.

Raw milk from Lacaune sheep. (Aveyron, France)

$13.50 per half-pound

 Goat's Milk

Bucheron (Bouche de Lucas)

This lovely soft-ripened bloomy rind goat log has a chalky, firm, mild center which turns translucent, oozy, and tangy towards the edges as it ripens. Fresh and citrus-y when young, becoming earthier with age. So many flavors in one cheese!

Goat’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (Loire, France)

$11 per half-pound
Capri Chèvre log (Westfield Farm)

Fresh and tangy, citrus notes; a delicate, crumbly, spreadable paste.

Try this on a bagel or toast with some berry jam; or on homemade pizza with prosciutto, sliced fresh figs, arugula, and a liberal drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey. 

Pasteurized goat’s milk. (Hubbardston, MA, United States)

$6.95 each (5 oz)
Chèvre (Nettle Meadow)

A classic fresh goat cheese, light and spreadable, with a touch of salt. 

(NY, United States)

$7.95 each
Chèvre, Cranberry (Seal Cove) 

A lovely little chèvre from Maine: creamy, bright and tangy dressed with dried cranberries. Perfectly New England. Comes in a container suitable for unmolding.

 Goat's milk (ME, United States)

$8.95 each

(5 oz)

Chèvre, Pumpkin Spice (Nettle Meadow) 

(United States, NY)

$8.95 each
Chèvre Log (Vermont Creamery)

Classic, creamy, fresh goat cheese from this award-winning dairy. 

Pasteurized goat’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (VT, United States)

$5.95 each
Chèvre Log, with Herbs (Vermont Creamery)

Classic, creamy, fresh goat cheese from this award-winning dairy, rolled in a bright herb mixture of rosemary, basil, oregano, and thyme.

Pasteurized goat’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (VT, United States)

$5.95 each
Finger Lakes Gold (Lively Run)

A superbly made cheese, firm and smooth in texture with a lovely butteriness. Nutty and bright, a touch of tang from the goats milk. Reminds us of a gouda-y cheddar, and is not too goaty; for the goat cheese timid, this is the gateway cheese!

 Cow’s milk. Vegetable rennet. (VT, United States)

$16.50 per half-pound
Gjetost (say “Yay-toast”)

This might look and taste like caramel, but it is cheese! Made from whey instead of the curd, this is  semi-hard with a smooth texture, and just a touch of milky sweetness. Super popular in Norway! 

Try slicing a ribbon of there on a tart apple or a slice of toast for breakfast or a snack.

Made from goat’s milk. (Norway)

$8 per half-pound
Goat Gouda (Brabander)

Barely goaty, instead it is buttery and fresh, nutty, caramely, and gently salty. Smooth, creamy, and dense. The moist and warm aging conditions create crystallization yet retain moisture in the hard yet fudgy paste. Outstanding flavor - this one just might win over the goat-shy.

Milk from Saanen goats. Vegetable rennet. (Brabant, Netherlands)

$15.50 per half-pound
O’Banon (Capriole)

Beautiful both inside and out, this award winner is wrapped in bourbon-soaked chestnut leaves. Hand-ladling creates a dense, yet soft and light texture. Delicate sweetness with fruity and tannic notes.

Goat’s milk  (Indiana, United States)

$19.95 each 

(6 oz.)

Robiola la Rossa (Cora)

A little gem from a family farm in Langhe, this pure goat milk Robiola is wrapped in cherry leaves, which impart a fruity and detectable cherry flavor to the paste. This makes a wonderful contrast to the earthy tang of the goat cheese. Soft and delicate, rindless.

Raw goat’s milk. (Piedmont, Italy)


each (6.8 oz.)

Roue Ardoisée (Beillevaire)

With it's ash coating and donut shape, the name of this chèvre means “slate-colored wheel”.  A pure, clean goat flavor and molten texture.

Goat's milk. (France)

$19.95 each
Sofia (Capriole)

A soft ash-ripened, bloomy-rind brick of deliciousness, which reveals a double ash layer when sliced open.  A gorgeous silky and delicate texture, becoming more velvety and denser with age. A sweetness and tang on the tongue with a light citrus flavor.

Goat’s milk. (IN, United States)

Wabash Cannonball (Capriole)

This little sphere of chèvre has an ash-coated bloomy rind that develops lovely wrinkles as it ages. Creamy, crumbly, and dense; earthy and sweet. 

Goat's milk. (IN, United Stated)

$12.95 each (3 oz.)

 Mixed Milk

Bosina Robiola (Alta Langa)

This is a luscious little square of creamy goodness with a nice balance of salty and sweet. Silky and oozy in the middle. Milky and white mushroomy flavors, with a nice little tang from the sheep's milk.

Try this with a sparkling or light-bodied white.

Cow’s and sheep’s milk. (Piedmont, Italy)

$15.50 per half-pound
Ciabot (Cora)

A mixed cow and sheep milk cheese, with a thin white rind that encloses the soft and creamy interior. Mild and pleasant, with hints of melted butter and milk.

Pasteurized sheep's and cow's milk. (Piedmont, Italy)

$17.50 each (11 oz.)
Cremont (Vermont Creamery)

(VT, United States)

$12.95 each
Feta (Voras)

From the mountainous, Balkan north of Greece, this creamy and slightly crumbly Feta is made by two brothers who are 3rd generation cheese makers. Mild and bright, salty and clean tasting, with hints of lemon and olives. 

Crumble into a cuke and tomato salad, serve with a sprinkle of oregano and a drizzle of olive oil.

Milk from Florina sheep, with a smidge of goat milk. (Florina, Greece)

$9.95 each (7 oz)
Fior di Langa (Alta Langa

Pudgy and plump, subtle and delectable. Fresh milk and grass, earthy when young; developing nuttiness with age. The bloomy rind tends to redden with maturity.

Have fun pairing this Piedmontese cheese with a wine from the same region - Langhe, Erbaluce, Ruchè, or Dolcetto. 

Pasteurized cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milks. (Piedmont, Italy)

$16 per half-pound 
Fromage Frais, Apple Cider (Nettle Meadow) 

Pasteurized cow’s and sheep’s milks. (NY, United States)

$8.95 each (5 oz tub)
Fromage Frais, Fig and Honey (Nettle Meadow) 

Pasteurized cow’s and sheep’s milks. (NY, United States)

$8.95 each (5 oz tub)
Kunik (Nettle Meadow)

The lemony tang of goat milk (75%) with the richness of Jersey cow cream (25%) create this decadent, buttery, silky disk of triple-cream goodness. The texture is semi-soft, dense, and meltingly smooth, with a bit of mushroomy savoriness from the bloomy rind.

Pasteurized goat’s milk and cow’s cream. Vegetable rennet. (NY, United States)

$20 per half-pound
Kunik, Truffle (Nettle Meadow)

All the goodness of the regular Kunik, with the added luxury of black truffles which infuse their heady aroma throughout.

Pasteurized goat’s milk and cow’s cream. Vegetable rennet. (NY, United States)

$23 per half-pound
Nerina Misto Capra (La Casera)

Pasteurized sheep's and goat's milk (Italy)

$13.95 each
Truf 3 Latti (Alta Langa)

The gorgeous flavor of truffles in a soft and creamy paste of three milks make for a rich yet balanced treat. 

Pasteurized cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milks. (Piedmont, Italy)

$18 per half-pound



Charcuterie Menu


Big Red Wagyu (Smoking Goose)

Wagyu beef, Big Red wine blend.

Handmade in Indiana with small, family farm partners.

$19.95 each
Blackberry Duck Salame (Smoking Goose)

Duck and pork, local sour ale, blackberries, white peppercorns, cinnamon, lemon peel.

$19.95 each
Gin & Juice Salame (Smoking Goose)

Lamb and pork, juniper berries, orange peel.

Handmade in Indiana with small, family farm partners.

$19.95 each
Spruce & Candy Salame (Smoking Goose)

Pork, spruce tips, lemon peel IPA.

Handmade in Indiana with small, family farm partners.

$19.95 each
Stagberry Salame (Smoking Goose)

Elk and pork, dried blueberries, dry mead.

Handmade in Indiana with small, family farm partners.

$19.95 each
Mortadella (Smoking Goose)

Pork cinnamon, cured back fat, peppercorns.

Handmade in Indiana with small, family farm partners.

$13.95 each (12 oz)
Classic Bistro Salami (Salt & Twine)

A French farmhouse style salami made with white wine, garlic and pepper.

Made With Heritage Breed Pork Responsibly Sourced from Small Family Farms Across the US

$10.95 each
Hot Calabrian Salami (Salt & Twine)

A classic Italian spicy salami with hot Calabrian chili pepper.

Made With Heritage Breed Pork Responsibly Sourced from Small Family Farms Across the US

$10.95 each
Bacon and Bourbon Salami (Salt & Twine)

Uncured bacon, bourbon whiskey, maple syrup

Made With Heritage Breed Pork Responsibly Sourced from Small Family Farms Across the US

$10.95 each
Tuscan-style Salame, sliced (Fra'Mani)

This pre-sliced Toscano salami is made in the Tuscan tradition, aged with red wine, black pepper, garlic and sea salt, imparting rich flavors.

$7.95 each
Chorizo Navarro (Olympia Provisions)

Spanish style salami flavored with sweet paprika, garlic & cayenne. It has a spicy undertone heightened by the garlic and paprika.

Pork sourced from the North-west Farmer Network, small farms dedicated to environmental stewardship and humane animal treatment.

$14.95 each
Finocchiona (Olympia Provisions)

Traditional Italian style salami with garlic, black pepper, & fennel. Named after its main flavor component (fennel), this is one of Tuscany’s oldest and most loved pork products.

Pork sourced from the North-west Farmer Network, small farms dedicated to environmental stewardship and humane animal treatment.

$14.95 each


Breakfast Sausage (Olympia Provisions)

Classic breakfast sausage with fresh sage and maple syrup. Six fully cooked links, 12oz.

$14.95 each
Smoked Kielbasa (Olympia Provisions)

Seasoned with mustard seed, garlic, and spices, and cooked over applewood for a nice smoky flavor. 12 oz.

$15.95 each

Whole Muscle

Guanciale (Smoking Goose)

Pork Jowl, juniper berries, garlic.

Handmade in Indiana with small, family farm partners.

$13.95 each
Lomo (Smoking Goose)

Pork loin, garlic, paprika.

Handmade in Indiana with small, family farm partners.



Prosciutto (Creminelli) 

Humanely raised pork and sea salt.

Packed in 80% post-consumer recycled trays.

$8.95 each
Capocollo (Vermont Salumi)

With black pepper and coriander. Pre-sliced.

$11.95 each
Coppa (La Quercia)

Heritage breed Berkshire dry-cured pork shoulder.

$9.95 each
Speck (La Quercia) 

European-style prosciutto lightly cold smoked over applewood. 

$9.95 each


‘Nduja (Smoking Goose)

Spreadable spicy pork salame. Calabrian peppers, paprika piccante.

Handmade in Indiana with small, family farm partners.



Duck Liver and Pork Mousse with Cognac (Alexian Pâté) 

A winner of the prestigious Good Food Award in San Francisco, this pâté is incredibly smooth and spreadable.

Duck Liver and Pork Mousse with Cognac is a versatile food that’s delicious whether simply spread on a piece of bread or used in a more intricate presentation.

$7.95 each
Pâté de Campagne (Alexian Pâté)

Country-style pork pâté.

$7.95 each