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Vajra, G.D. 2020 Langhe Nebbiolo Claré JC

Vajra, G.D. 2020 Langhe Nebbiolo Claré JC

100% Nebbiolo. Raspberries, cherries, pomegranate, orange blossom and spices. This slightly unusual wine is the brainchild of Guiseppe Vaira; with research and a bit of fancy he has tried to make a wine in the style of his ancestors of the 1800's. A lighter more easy drinking red that sits somewhere between a rosé and a full red wine, a bit like Beaujolais. The palate is light and fresh, with gentle tannins and lively acidity. The wine finishes just off-dry and don't be afraid to give this a chill before serving on a warm day. Exceptionally delicious! Organic.

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