Eden Ice Cider Heirloom Blend 375ml

Eden Ice Cider Heirloom Blend 375ml

From Eden Ciders:

Our flagship Ice Cider is made with over 15 heirloom apple varieties all grown in Vermont. All our ciders are made using the Quebec method, relying on our naturally cold climate to produce the highest quality cold-concentrated juice for fermentation. The combination of heirloom apples creates a beautifully textured, still, sweet dessert style cider that is elevated by a backbone of bright acidity.. Drink it on its own, after dinner, in a cocktail - with a drink this good, the possibilities are endless!  

APPLE VARIETIES: Esopus Spitzenberg, Calville Blanc, Hudson's Golden Gem, Roxbury Russet, Blue Pearmain, Baldwin, Mcintosh, Empire, Ashmead's Kernel, Black Oxford, Reine de Reinette, Orleans Reinette


GROWN BY: Scott Farm, Sunrise Orchards, Poverty Lane Orchard, and Windfall Orchard

METHOD: Naturally cold-concentrated before fermentation in our Vermont winter weather. Arrested fermentation leaves residual sweetness.

TASTING NOTES: Beautiful balance of sweetness, acidity, and fruit with notes of baked apple, pineapple, citrus and turbinado

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: apple pie, creme brûlée or a cheese board

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